Horror Story

Glance Horror Story First Part

Parul is sitting preparing food. She is waiting for her husband Sifat. It’s been a few weeks since they got married. They are married in love. It’s nine o’clock at night in the house, her mother-in-law is sleeping in the next room. He says wife you don’t wait anymore and sleep. Parul fell asleep while waiting for Sifat. Meanwhile, Sifat did not get a rickshaw and returned home on foot. A big fish in the hand. He bought the big cuttlefish this night because he got it cheap. His mother is sick at home. He lives with his parents and his younger sister Bithi in the family. A few days ago, Parul also joined their family. Sifat has been knocking on the door for a long time with a market in his hand. Why are you still opening the door? What happened inside you are dead or not! Open the door immediately. Meanwhile, Parul is fast asleep.

Glance Horror Story

The delay in opening the door makes Sifat angry. Haramjadi takes so long to open the door? By saying this, he makes Parul mad. Then his sick mother said from the next room, “Father, don’t hit Sifat with the boater.” I asked my wife to sleep. Parul cries and says look, I got a lot of sleep. So I fell asleep while waiting for you. Sifat has been said and there is no need to make excuses. Now take the fish. Hearing Sifat’s words, Parul’s head felt as if the sky had broken. Because Parul can’t cut fish. Parul Sifat grows rice and stands next to him. Suddenly, Sifat scolded him and said, “Don’t you hear what I’m talking about?” Do not stand here and take the fish. Otherwise the fish will be spoiled. Parul was still standing there.

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Sifat once again scolded me and said, “Are you not listening to me?” Look, my mood is getting worse. Parul is very sad to see Sifat’s behavior like this. He waited so long for Sifat with a hungry stomach. Kar Sifat did not even ask to eat a bar! After saying so much, Sifat became more angry seeing Parul standing there. He threw away the food plate and directly grabbed Parul’s hair and started saying, “Are you not listening to me?” Pulling Parul’s hair, she cried out. Parul’s cries do not go far. Because there are no houses around. There are no houses around their house. So whatever happens here no one will know anything.

Parul starts crying and says Sifat let go of my hair. I’m getting pain. Sifat doesn’t listen to Parul. He holds Parul’s hair and restrains her for some time. Parul says but I can’t cut fish. Hearing this, Sifat became even more angry. What did you say! Can’t you cut fish? I see your mother didn’t teach you anything. I will go to my father’s house tomorrow. You will stay in your father’s house until you learn household chores. Parul says ___look don’t do this to me. I will learn everything. __ means to learn? Now go and get the fish. Parul is forced to cut the fish. Sifat lay down on the bed. While Parul was cutting fish, he thought how much Sifat had loved him before. How much he cared. And how much that quality has changed now. Parul grew up as a princess of her parents while living in her own home. Raised with great care. And now after marriage Sifat’s behavior is really hurting him.

His mother did all their work since childhood. So many of Parul’s works were not learned. While thinking about this, while cutting fish, suddenly his hand was cut. Parul screamed in pain. Fresh blood is flowing from the hand. A large part of one finger has been cut off. Parul held back her tears in severe pain. But Sifat never once asked him why he shouted. The fish was not cut. On the other hand, Parul is sitting with his hands folded. He kept the fish and tied the cut tightly with cloth. Slowly he sat on the bed. Sifat asks what happened to the fish? Parul says no in kapa tone means I have cut off my hand. Sifat jumped out of bed and sat up.

What did you say! See how much has been cut? Parul says I have tied it. Sifat says, if there is a cut somewhere, treatment should be done. Hold on, I’ll see if I can find anything. Saying this, Sifat goes to the next room. Parul is somewhat normal. Sifat then looked at him. Parul started moaning in pain. Then Sifat brought something in his hand. He came and said, “Let’s see where it is!” As Parul slowly removed the cloth, Sifat rubbed the salt in her hand on her cut wound. At that, Parul started crying in severe and unbearable pain. Then from the next room Sifat’s mother kept telling Sifat not to do this to his wife. From there, Parul quickly went to the tubewell and washed it with water.

Parul suddenly can’t bear Sifat’s torture like this. Parul is crying. Sifat says that you have not learned anything by work. I will not go with you. Parul says look don’t do this to me. you don’t love me Sifat says I liked your look that day. But you can’t do anything in the world. Saying this he went to bed and slept. Parul sat on the ground in a corner of the room and started crying. God, why are you doing this to me? What have I done wrong that this is happening to me? I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t feel good anymore. While crying like this, Parul fell asleep there.

When Parul wakes up the next morning, she finds that Sifat is not at home. He may have got up in the morning and gone to work. Even though Parul did not know how to cook, he started cooking with a pot. Some days someone else in the family has been doing this but now all the work falls on him. Since her mother-in-law is sick, she has to do these things now. The cut wound on the hand is still in pain. He cooks rice with great difficulty. But at one stage of cooking Parul’s saree caught fire. Parul gets scared. He started shouting. The fire that caught on the saree is now slowly catching on the whole saree. Parul quickly opened her saree. In front of the eyes, the entire saree is completely burnt to ashes.

Meanwhile, hearing his screams, the people of the neighboring house came. Everyone saw Parul half naked. He runs inside the house to hide his shame. After getting the news, Sifat returned home. He started abusing Parul in unspeakable language. Hey, I see you can’t even keep your clothes in order. Hey, the woman who can’t put her clothes in order, how will she manage the family again! By saying this, he started scolding Parul again. Parul became helpless and held Sifat’s leg saying don’t kill me. Unnoticed by me, the saree caught fire. It is not my fault. After hearing about Parul’s fire, his younger sister Mau came running. He said what happened to you? Parul hugged Mau and started crying.

My mother and sister! what happened to me I don’t feel good here. Mom says you don’t worry. Everything will be fine. Sifat says mother, keep your sister in your house for a while. If only he could compose himself. Mom says I will do that if necessary. I won’t let my sister live with someone like you. Parul hears mother’s words and says sister, nothing will happen to me. you get out of here I will not come here even if I forget. Mau says aunty what are you talking about. The man is torturing you like this and you are bearing it with your eyes closed. Parul sends Mau home. When Mau left, Sifat grabbed Parul’s hair and dragged her into the house.

Since you can’t cook, ask your mother and sister to come. And why did you drive away the mouse! He can cook well. Parul held Sifat’s feet and said Sifat forgive me. I promise to learn everything soon. Sifat moved his feet and said, “Hey, I married you, to cook and feed me.” Are you saying you can’t cook? Parul says you give me some time I will learn everything. I don’t understand much about Sifat. When it’s time for me to eat, I should have food ready. Saying this, Sifat left the room angrily. When he went to the next house, the lady of the next house called him and let him eat rice. I think it was not right for you to kill Mardhu like this in the new bouter Mia. Sifat eats rice and hears him saying, I think that a girl who does not understand anything about the world, tell me what else can be done with her.

The woman said, “Listen, don’t kill the wife of Sifat house like this, send her to her father’s house.” He will stay there until he learns everything. Sifat says I will do so if necessary. Did I marry him for pleasure? What I will do by tonight. Do whatever the woman says. Girl human mind, you understand. So I say send him to his father’s house. Sifat says I don’t feel good. i went Saying this he went back home. And back at home Parul is sitting preparing food. Sifat went straight to bed without saying anything to Parul and slept. Parul went to Sifat and said what happened that you slept without eating. Sifat said don’t bother me. Parul says if you don’t eat, your body will deteriorate. Get up and eat. He put his hand on Sifat’s shoulder and said eat Sifat and then sleep.

That’s when Sifat got upset. He got up from the bed and slapped Parul’s cheek hard. Parul burst into tears again. Why did you just hit me? Where is my mistake? Sifat slapped him again. He says argue with me. Parul sat on the ground crying. She is crying with her head down. Sifat sat down to eat. That’s when he calls Parul over. Wife come here. When Parul looked at Sifat, he made Parul sit next to him and said let’s eat. I will eat and you will sit and watch it does not happen. Parul is not understanding anything. What happened to Sifat suddenly? He asks her to eat. Parul is happy and sits next to Sifat. While eating, Parul realizes that the salt in the curry has decreased. So he sits without eating food.

Sifat got angry and slapped Parul on the head and started saying Ha’ra”m”zadi! You eat your food. i went Saying this Sifat left the room. By then it was night. Parul started crying. There is no one there to see Parul cry. She started crying with her sari on her face. Her crying does not stop. That’s when the lady next door came there. As soon as he came, he started saying how much Bajjat ​​Sifata did not beat the boater. How many times have I told you not to touch your wife. Who listens to whom? Parul hugged the woman and burst into tears. The woman pats Parul’s head and says don’t cry mother. Everything will be fine. Parul’s tears are not stopping. That woman says look at our character but not a bad boy. He was fine so far. We have seen good nature in him for so long. But what happened to the boy recently after marriage.

The woman also says I think someone has a hand in it. It seems that someone cast black magic on Sifat. Parul says Sifat is not that kind of boy. He loved me a lot. But suddenly what happened to him. Anyway, Parul, I say, do you go back home without being beaten by Sifat’s hands. It will be good for you to go back home. Otherwise, your life will end by being beaten by Bazzat Sifat from here. Parul says be careful don’t call my husband bad even if you forget. I will never leave my husband’s house. I will not go anywhere until he touches me. The woman says then get beaten up. I said it for your own good. Saying this he left from there. By that time it was late at night. But Sifat is still not returning home.

Parul finished cooking with difficulty and brought food to her mother-in-law in the next room. Sifat started returning home. Meanwhile, Parul style can be decorated a little. He took out the red saree and began to imagine. Seeing her wearing this red saree, Sifat would have been full of admiration for her. When he saw her wearing this red saree, Sifat called her red pari. And he would float in the air and spin around in both hands. After a while he came back to reality. It is ten o’clock at night at home. Parul kept waiting for Sifat every moment. As Sifat reached the forest next to their house, a strange woman in a red saree entered the forest. Seeing this, he runs there. But when he goes there he doesn’t see anyone. Sifat thinks hey, I just saw the woman walking in the forest.

Where did the woman go so quickly? But Sifat doesn’t know that the woman is sitting on the branch of a tree right above him. Sifat did not see the terrifying looking woman. He returned home without finding the woman. On the other hand, the woman sat on the branch of the tree and laughed terribly. His terrifying smile went unnoticed by everyone. The woman disappeared there. Aaj Parul immediately opened the door when Sifat knocked on the door. Parul opened the door with a hundred hopes. She thinks that if Sifat sees her wearing this red saree, she will call her without saying anything. He will again hold him with both hands and lift him up and spin him around. But this thought of Parul changed completely. Sifat entered the room and saw her in a red saree and said, Parul, have you just come from the jungle?

Parul says no. I was at home the whole time. Sifat said then I saw the person wearing red saree entering the forest. Look, if Parul lies to me, it will not be good for you. So tell the truth, you were the one I saw entering the forest! Parul says I am not…! Saying this, Sifat gripped Parul’s face tightly. Look, I don’t even know what to do with you. Parul tries to say with pain in her mouth, leave me alone. I’m getting pain. But Sifat does not leave him. As soon as he left his mouth, he slapped Parul’s back. Parul was saddened by that and started crying again with tears in her eyes. He says see who you see there. It wasn’t me. Are you arguing again? If you don’t want to eat my mother, keep quiet.

Parul started to cry and thought, Oh my god, this was on my forehead. I fell in love with Sifat and became a wife in his house with so much hope. I did not feel happy. She thought Sifat would see her in a red saree, call her close and kiss her on the forehead. But it was the opposite. Sifat’s hands are being slapped with words. Even if you say something, the mother is angry. Sifat says I am not done yet. Why did you go to the forest at night? Parul is dumbfounded for a moment. Why aren’t you talking? Parul’s eyes are shaking with tears. Is there not a little kindness in Mokta’s heart? Sifat, who was in the corner of the room, took La””thi in his hand and said, “Look, my mood has gone to an extreme level.” Well, I’m still telling you why you went to the forest!

You thought I didn’t understand anything. In my absence, you have gone to the jungle without spending time with other people. Parul holds Sifat’s face with one hand and says, “Don’t put such a big stain on my name.” On your feet, don’t get me wrong. I’m telling you I haven’t gone anywhere from home. That’s when Sifat hit Parul’s hand with the stick in his hand. Immediately, Parul fell on the ground saying Mago. Parul falls unconscious. Sifat got scared. Parul did not die again. He brought a hand to Parul’s face and realized that Parul was breathing. Tears are pouring from Parul’s eyes. He threw the stick aside and thought what to do now. What happened to Parul? He fetches water from the tubewell. Some time after pouring water on Parul’s head, he regained consciousness. He notices that his hand is very swollen.

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